Thank you for your interest in joining StayCare Pet Sitting's Referral Service

as a Team Builder!


Please refer to the "Join Our Team of Referred Pet Care Professionals" page on our website (just click on "Join our Team" on the home page) for details of who we are, what services we provide and how we get paid. 

If you LOVE animals, want to assist in building a pet care team who support each other with kindness and respect and enjoy making pet owners happy, this opportunity may be for you!


Who We Are:

We are a full-service in-home pet sitting company with clients in Northern California, Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. and are expanding all of the time.  We strive not only to offer exceptional, personal service, but to continue creating a team of "like minded" animal lovers.  We promote positivity in all that we do.  We speak kindly to each other and our clients.  We lift each other up and celebrate our accomplishments, even if they are not our own.  We want to hear about what other passions you have and what your dreams are, as some of you may have more than one dream! 


How It Works:

We highly suggest becoming a pet care provider first and foremost.  This enables you to experience what it is like to take care of pets in their home environment, communicate with clients and possibly learn something new just by choosing to try something new! 

Once you have chosen to be a Team Builder, you will choose to help in the interview process for new pet care providers that we refer to our clients.  These providers will have already gone through a deeply detailed process of answering both different pet care scenario questions, to multiple choice questions that make it easier to find the right pet care providers that we can refer.  From our experience, we suggest calling the applicants that we share with you and setting up an in person interview at a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant.  Once you have spoken to them in person, we recommend you ask them if they understand the process of us referring them and if so, are they interested in joining our service?  If they have the experience and we all feel they would be a good fit, we ask the potential applicant if they will choose to take the Acutraq background test that increases their chances of being chosen for pet care by the clients who use our services.  Whether they choose to or not, they also will need to fill out a W9 in order to receive payment from us.  Once the background check comes back clear, we have a copy of their license, their references have checked out, we have a photo of a pet and them to post on our website and the W9 are complete, we will be ready to refer them.

Team Builders typically are in charge of a city, but if you desire just to manage a team in a certain neighborhood, please share that with us as it is completely fine.  We support what is best for you!  When a new client calls in the city or neighborhood you have chosen to offer services in, we may decide together or separately which pet care provider would be most appropriate for the client request (based on pet care provider's experience), and one of us can choose to call to offer it to them.  You will then choose to become the pet care provider's main contact for SCPS and will be each time they get a booking.   If you are not available to choose to speak to the pet care provider due to illness, vacation or any other reason, another Team Builder will be assigned that individual client job, oversee it and receive that commission.   Please keep in mind that StayCare Pet Sitting is not responsible if the client requests another pet care provider for the next job based on the pet care provider that you choose.  If another Team Builder's pet care provider gets the cancelled client job the nex time, that TeamBuilder gets that commission.  However, you have the free will to arrange with another Team Builder to split a commission with them for covering any time.  We recommend, doing what is best for you. 

If you join our team, you will not be an employee, but a Pet Care Professional Team Builder (Independent Contractor).  You will be paid 65% of all jobs you complete as a pet care professional and 20% if a Team Builder. Most referral pet sitting companies pay out much less.  If you choose to be a pet care professional and are a Team Builder, you only can receive 65% maximum, without the added 20% if you are covering for a pet care provider on a pet care job.  We obtain a maximum of 35% to start if you are a pet care provider on a referral job and 15% if you are acting as a Team Builder.  These percentages are firm until further notice.  In the future, we will gain finanical support to invest in increased marketing, resulting in additional client business. For now, we are still considered a "startup" company and we appreciate you considering growing our business with us!


You benefit by joining us in using our website, obtaining legal contracts created by us and the client which benefits all parties and has been reviewed by lawyers who specialize in the field, have our company provide social media marketing to our clients who use your services and have the added bonus of us going into the field with you (when possible) and without you to meet and find more clients.  Most of all, you can choose to benefit from our over 25 years' experience in the field in our recommendations that we offer. 

We suggest that Team Builders also keep an eye out for clients and new pet care professionals in their everyday life.  There are countless people out walking their dogs and we are sure your neighbors could benefit from our services.  It can be as easy as going to your neighborhood Starbucks and having coffee, or visiting a local dog park and handing out business cards.  These are some example we share on our "Recommendations for Increased Business" for you and our pet care professionals. We will be doing this as well, but our primary responsibilities lie in the legal contracts, hiring process, financials and marketing.

This is a 100% commission opportunity.  You may choose to use your time and gas to meet potential pet care providers and understand that if you choose to obtain a business license, can turn the purchases you make to your tax professional for a tax refund.  We will also recommend that you may choose to purchase some supplies, but that suggested list is not long or expensive and again, the choice is yours. 

We provide support to you with great communication and are building a team of qualified, fun loving pet care providers who choose to support each other in filling in for pet duties when "life" happens to all of us at times. You will get paid when helping the other pet care provider for the days that you cover for them.  If you enjoy being part of a supportive team who helps each other, this may be the right fit for you!

We also encourage teams to arrange in person get togethers - for coffee, meals or other events to meet each other, share their experiences and have some fun!  We want to hear about your animal charity of choice and will be having a drawing once a month where the winner can have their charity's website promoted on our home page for that month! 


How am I Paid?

Our clients pay us and the we pay your percentage to you via PayPal within a few days later.  *As an "non-employee", you are NOT entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or unemployment benefits.  You will be obligated and assume full responsibility for payment of any and all federal and state taxes, on any monies earned pursuant to the pet care professional agreements you may sign if considered. 

The process of being considered to join our team begins with an in depth questionnaire.  If we feel you are qualified, we will then contact you and set up an in person interview.

If you are indeed interested after learning more about us, please email us on our "contact" page and we will give you the code, good for 48 hours, to answer the in depth questionnaire to start. 

Thank you again for your interest, and we hope you’ll decide to join our team! 



Owner of StayCare Pet Sitting