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The Best Dog Food to Buy 2017

We at StayCare Pet Sitting have notified our clients about re-calls for pet food and understand your concern about what the best foods are to buy for your pets. Recently, "" wrote an in depth article explaining the top dog foods to buy in 2017.

Below is the list of favorites that "" published on their website on June 2, 2017.

The remainder of the article will be in a link at the bottom of our blog.

"In early 2015, the law firm of Morgan and Morgan filed a class action lawsuit against Purina over ingredients found in its line of Beneful dog food. Despite this lawsuit — and the thousands of complaints of kidney failure that led to it — the products remain available to purchase at a store near you.

Of the pet owners we surveyed, 70 percent admitted that they didn’t know all of the ingredients in their dog’s food — including the very ingredients at the heart of the Purina lawsuit. All dog foods claim to be “premium” and “all natural,” but with very few regulations on what it takes to meet these qualifications, many of these claims are little more than flashy marketing gimmicks and false advertising. So, we dug behind the label to sort out which ingredients make an excellent dog food and which ones should be avoided.At the end of the work, we settled on 134 formulas across 29 approved brands.

10 of Our Favorite Dog Food Brands:



Eagle Pack


Nature's Logic

Stella & Chewy's



Hi-Tek Naturals

Our Research:

Ten people on our team dedicated full-time work to this project, investing over 1,400 hours into this single page.

We built a list of over 11,000 people with connections to the dog food industry and narrowed it down to the best.

Over 20 experts contributed their valuable time to our work, including veterinarians, dog trainers, animal behaviorists, university researchers, and authors.

We surveyed 300 dog owners and asked them if they knew what was in their dog’s food.

We gathered a list of over 8,000 search queries to find out what matters most to dog owners.

We read and analyzed 72 of the most popular articles and studies on dog food.

We compiled a list of 2,223 formulas from 115 brands and reviewed their ingredients."

The remainder of the article can be found by clicking on the photo of the dogs

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