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Tips on Including Your Pets This Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! I look forward to watching all of the children's excitement in showing us their festive costumes and these days, their pets' costumes too!

This holiday can include scary costumes, but also some scary scenarios to avoid for your pets.

Here are some suggestions that we hope make your and your pets' Halloween a great experience!

1. Costumes: We recommend putting your pet in their costume days before the "big night" in order for the pet to get used to it and comfortable. The costume should not constrict movement, hearing, or the ability to allow your pet to breathe or bark, meow or make a sound. If they seem distressed, are showing abnormal behavior, allergic or lethargic while in costume, you may choose to remove the costume and add a bandana to your pet's collar for a simple effect.

2. Is Your Pumpkin Lit?: If you have pumpkins or any other decoration which includes candles, it can be helpful to keep your pets away from them in order to avoid a fire or any serious injury to them.

3. Leaving Your Pet at Home: If your pet is an outside pet and you choose to leave it home while out trick-or-treating, we suggest leaving it in the garage or in the home while you are away. This will help your pet not be scared by those in costume, avoid encounters with other pets and should keep them calmer. In the case of cats, many professionals advise keeping them inside several days before the holiday in order to increase the calming effect.

4. Staying at Home and Answering the Door: With unusually dressed strangers arriving at your door, you may choose to keep your pets in other rooms with closed doors and a family member in that room with them. Dogs are especially territorial and may want to lunge at the strangers at the door, alarming your guests. Keeping your pets in another room can also keep them from escaping out of the front door, enabling you to enjoy your evening without worry.

Please share your pet costume photos with us below and on our Facebook page!

We would love to see you and your pets enjoying yourselves in your creative outfits!

Be safe and enjoy!

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