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Helping Your Pets Lose Weight After the Holidays

The Holidays are over and you have noticed that your pets have gained some extra pounds along with you. We at StayCare want to help in keeping your pets healthy and have offered some tips below to assist in helping get your pet back in shape, while helping you as well!

The first thing we suggest is to weigh your pet. If you prefer an exact result, you can take your pet to their Vet just to get them weighed, usually without an appointment (verify this by calling your local Vet's office).

Excess weight can shorten your pet’s life by up to 2-3 people years — which is a lot of dog or cat years on any scale.

It may not surprise you that the "age old" solution to weight gain and overall improved health may be as simple as diet and exercise. Burning more calories than you eat may be the way to approach your pet's new plan, but we highly suggest with any new health plan for your pet, and in reading the suggestions below, that you contact your Vet and run it by them first in case your pet is currently on any medication, has any injuries or ailments.

Introducuing vegetables into a pet's diet may be a great way to begin to help them lose weight. You can purchase vegetables already in pet food, including new refrigerated pet foods in your local grocery that usually include them. Some pet owners steam broccoli or other vegetables for themselves and save a small portion for their animals to add to their food.

Exercise is vital to pet's health and with cats, many people do not know where to start, especially if they are stubborn or you have only one. Introducing them to new toys is a great way to get them moving. Small balls with catnip or any toy with catnip usually do the trick. A second cat also may be of help in getting your one cat more motivated to move.

When it comes to dogs, walking is one of the best ways to lose those added pounds as well as for yourself! You can create a plan as simple as 15 minutes a day to start. Setting up a play date with another dog nearby, or even a trip to "doggie daycare" are also good ideas.

We hope these suggestions help both you and your pets this Winter shed those extra pounds and start a new regimen that will continue all year for better overall health. Please leave us some comments below with your favorite tips! We would love to hear from you! Happy 2016!

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