Thank you for your interest in joining StayCare Pet Sitting's Referral Service!


Our sitters we refer to our clients are friendly, reliable, dependable, and are able to see a project through to completion.

Our clients rely on us to care for their pets and home when they can’t be there, and we love working with pet care professionals who will take the referral jobs for our clients seriously.  The client jobs we refer you to are serious client jobs, but they are also fun and you may meet lifelong animal friends and clients who become friends! 

If you LOVE animals, desire to spend time with them, and want to make some extra money in the process, this could be the right fit for you.! Those pet care professionals who choose to commit to holidays and who are motivated tend to get a client base faster than others we have witnessed.  The jobs are best suited for students, retirees, at-home moms with kids in school, and people with extra time during the day.  We cannot guarantee steady work, as no referral company can, but do our best to refer our team both on the Internet and in the field, especially in the neighborhood you desire to work in. 


Who We Are:

We are a full-service in-home pet sitting company with clients in Northern California, Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. and are expanding all of the time.  We strive not only to offer exceptional, personal service, but to continue creating a team of "like minded" animal lovers.  We promote positivity in all that we do.  We speak kindly to each other and our clients.  We lift each other up and celebrate our accomplishments, even if they are not our own.  We arrange ocasional get togethers for the team to meet each other in person through local happy hours, coffe or meals.  We want to hear about what other passions you have and what your dreams are, as some of you may have more than one dream! 


 We provide five types of service:

Dog walking: days and times are negotiable, depending on client's requests and pet care professional's availability.

Pet Visits: We visit the client’s home to walk and feed their pets, again, days and times are negotiable.

Overnight stays: an extension of vacation pet sitting. We stay overnight in the client’s home with pets whose owners

     don’t want them alone overnight.  Pet care professionals are allowed to have day jobs during overnight stays.  Some clients

     prefer someone to be with the pets all of the time - if this happens, we at StayCare do our best to provide a team member to

     watch the pets during that time and they will be paid for that time. 

     Pet Taxi: For those who wish to be available in their neighborhood for taking pets to the Vet or the Groomer.

     Pooper Scoopers: Similar to pet visits, but are focused on picking up dog poop or cleaning out the cat box, hosing off a deck

     or concrete (if needed)  and  filling up water bowls too.  This service may turn into an opportunity to do other higher paying

     services we offer in conjunction and is a great stepping stone.

How It Works:

When a new overnight stay client calls, or are in the field promoting our business, we decide which sitter would be most appropriate for the client request (based on experience), and will call to offer it to you. If you accept, you will become their pet care provider and will be called each time they rebook (provided the client was satisfied with service) .   If you are not available to rebook with the client who requests you, another qualified pet care provider will be assigned to the client.  Please keep in mind that StayCare Pet Sitting is not responsible if the client requests the other pet care provider for the next job. 


With Pet Visit clients, we will keep you typically within a five-mile radius (unless you request otherwise), and you will visit the same clients in your route.

If you join our team, you will not be an employee, but a referred Pet Care Professional, and will be paid 65% of all jobs you complete. Most referral pet sitting companies pay out much less, as low as 50%! We obtain a maximum of 35% to start and you benefit in using our website, obtain legal contracts created by us and the client which benefits all parties and has been reviewed by lawyers who specialize in the field, have our company provide social media marketing to our clients who use your services and have the added bonus of us going into the field with you (when possible) and without you to meet and find more clients.  Most of all, you can choose to benefit from our over 25 years' experience in the field in our recommendations that we offer. 

We provide support to you with great communication and are building a team of qualified, fun loving pet care providers who choose to support each other in filling in for pet duties when "life" happens to all of us at times. You will get paid when helping the other pet care provider for the days that you cover for them.  If you enjoy being part of a supportive team who helps each other, this may be the right fit for you!


How am I Paid?

Our clients pay us and the we pay your percentage to you via PayPal within a few days later.  *As an "non-employee", you are NOT entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or unemployment benefits.  You will be obligated and assume full responsibility for payment of any and all federal and state taxes, on any monies earned pursuant to the independent contractor agreement you will sign if considered.  We will also recommend that you may choose to purchase some supplies, but that suggested list is not long or expensive and again, the choice is yours. 

The process of being considered to join our team begins with an in depth questionnaire.  If we feel you are qualified, we will then contact you and set up an in person interview.

Thank you again for your interest, and we hope you’ll decide to join our team!

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