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This letter is my personal recommendation of Cynthia, for pet care services provided to my Wire Fox Terrier Bella from April 2014 until November 2016. Before I mention the numerous services Cynthia provided I would like to first provide a brief description of my pet and the limitations we had when seeking a care provider.


For the last three years of her life Bella suffered from a number of severe and chronic health conditions requiring constant monitoring and medical attention. Bella’s ailments included a rare form of anemia (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), glaucoma and cataracts which led to blindness, hypothyroidism, and advanced renal disease. To address these conditions and extend her life Bella was placed on numerous medications that suppressed her immune system leaving her susceptible to a number of infectious diseases.


Given her health restrictions Bella required a dog walker who was willing to conduct private walks and more importantly who was able to monitor subtle changes in health and behavior. The moment I met Cynthia I could tell she was willing to provide the additional level of care and support Bella required. Although Cynthia’s primary responsibility was to provide walks she also kept a daily log of Bella’s interactions and behaviors, assisted me with afternoon medication administration, and on occasion would housesit while I traveled. Cynthia was always happy to go above and beyond in her care for Bella and would even occasionally stop by a few extra times in the day.


Cynthia is one of the kindest most caring and trustworthy persons whom I have met. Her love for animals goes far beyond that of a typical dog walker. She came into my home as a service provider and has left as a dear friend.


But my testimonial of the care and love Cynthia provided is little to that of Bella herself. In her final few hours Bella was extremely weak and bedridden. Upon making arrangements with the vet for her transition I notified Cynthia that Bella was unwell and would be leaving us. Cynthia asked to come and pay her respects. By the time Cynthia arrived Bella had been going in and out of consciousness for several hours and was completely non-responsive, but when Cynthia sat with her Bella picked up her head, wagged her tail and gave Cynthia a big kiss. That was the last movement Bella made before her death, and I can only attribute her ability to muster that last bit of strength as a testament to the love and respect that Bella and Cynthia shared.


Choosing a care provider for our pets can be stressful but leaving your animal in Cynthia’s hands is one of the best and most important decisions you will make.  


Oakland, CA

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Cynthia has been caring for my dog Yenna for several months now and I couldn't be happier with her service.  


First and foremost, I trust her with my most precious friend as well as my apartment.  I've always found it difficult to entrust my home and dog with others, but she quickly earned my trust with text confirmations of her arrival, as well as pictures of her and Yenna out on walks/hikes.


I also love the amount of care and attention she dedicates to my dog- it's really difficult leaving for business trips, but knowing Cynthia is there to take good care of her really makes me feel at ease- especially with a dog who needs to be carefully monitored around other dogs, Cynthia has always taken the extra precautions to make sure my dog is safe and will not interact with others.


Last, but not least, I truly appreciate how flexible Cynthia is.  My job takes me all of the place, and often on short notice- Cynthia's flexibility to watch Yenna for me has been invaluable.


Having a dog with a hectic schedule like mine can be incredibly stressful, but Cynthia has made it much more manageable- anyone who works with her (human or dog) will be very happy!


Oakland, CA

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