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She has babysat my dogs a number of times. If you knew me, you'd know that I wouldn't let just anyone watch my 'kids'. Lisa is a very caring and conscientious person. I have two doxies, One is 11, and the other is 18, who requires medication and special care. Lisa does a fantastic job with them.


San Leadro, CA

Lisa has been helping me care for my animals for well over 15 years. I have owned several dogs and man cats during this time, and Lisa has been by far the greatest of help. She has helped me administer subcutaneous fluids to a sick cat ,she has helped me with wound care, administering medications for an arthritic dog, assisted with seizure care and medications with an epileptic dog, taken them to vet appointments, not to mention all the easy stuff.  Lisa has spent many continuous days with my animals to perform everyday task like feeding, walking, playing with, watering, dog run clean up, and most importantly sincere love and tender care.


She really knows how to care for and make animals feed loved. She’s really good!  I have referred her to friends that are more than pleased with the care she gives.  Lisa loves all animals, and I believe finds her own place of peace when she is with them. I would highly recommend Lisa for your animal care and sitting needs;  you will find relief and a sense of ease when she is with them. I feel no worries when my little ones are in her care.



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Lisa has been my pet sitter for 16 years.   She has taken care of my cats, dogs,  fish and birds over various years.  When we travel I never worry.  All of my animals are comfortable with her and gravitate towards her.  


When Lisa sits my animals I feel like a family member is watching them.  She has administered meds, taken them on walks, taken them to vet appointments, she plays with them and taken them to the groomers.  All of my animals, pit bulls, rottweilers, chihuahuas, mainecoon, Bengals,  canaries and congo African grey. All listed have been looked after by Lisa.  She is the only pet sitter we use. 


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