We at StayCare Pet Sitting SM are dedicated to ensuring trust and satisfaction in our services to our clients and their pets.  It is because of this that we highly recommend gettting a backgournd test in order to better

be considered by the clients who research our team online.

If you choose to get a backgound test, the one that we use that is the most popular and recommended in the pet sitting industry is Acutraq. 

The cost is $39.95, plus a fee of around $5 for the State or County, depending where you live.  You can submit this fee to your tax preparer for a possible write off.


The results usualy take 24 hours to receive and we will also give you a copy.  Clients who wish to view your report do it through Acutraq and the test includes a check of all 50 states for the last 7 years of your


There is an additional fee of $6.25 (plus a posible county fee) for those who wish to offer "Pet Taxi" services to clients or who are expected by clients to take pets to the groomer or veterinarian.  You can request this on Acutraq's site also.  

Here is the link for the backgroud check: